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Individual (Manual led) Therapy


I offer a personalised, manual led therapy which involves contact of one 45 minute session per month to be held either in person or virtually, via the internet; followed by weekly contacts of approximately 20 minutes duration, held either virtually or via telephone.


The weekly contact will be arranged to be at a mutually convenient time.


The work involved is similar to the work undertaken as part of Group Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and would be utilising a treatment manual but would be fully tailored to the needs of the individual. The course of therapy follows a number of goals to be completed or achieved on a weekly basis. These will be negotiated during the 45 minute face to face meeting (conducted either in person or virtually via SKYPE or MSN) and the progress made or problems encountered will discussed during the course of the 20 minute weekly phone conversations.


As with Individual Therapy the number of sessions required depends on the problem being treated and the patient’s needs.


Fees for Individual, Manual led, Therapy is £150 per month, which includes all necessary administrative items necessary for therapy.


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