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Individual Therapy (Virtual Therapy Room)


The therapist and patient work together (collaboratively) to identify and resolve problems. Inter-sessional tasks (or homework) are assigned to (i) discover what will happen (ii) test predictions and/or (iii) practice what has been discussed in session.


The number of sessions required depends on the problem being treated and the patient’s needs; each session usually lasts for 55-60 minutes and will be held at a mutually convenient, appointed time.


Sessions are traditionally held on a weekly or fortnightly basis but may be varied according to the patient’s needs and are usually conducted via SKYPE.


Fees for Individual Therapy (Virtual Therapy Room) are £130 per session, which may be recoverable under medical insurance plans if a referral is first gained from your general practitioner.


Discounts on fees:


*If invoice is settled within 28 days of issue a 10% discount on the session fees will apply.

**If invoice is settled within 7 days of issue a 20% discount on the session fees will apply.

***If invoice is settled on day of issue or fees paid immediately following the session a further

10% discount on the session fees will be applied.


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